Our neighbor started building a fence next to our lot. How do I find out if they have the correct measurement?

Is it our responsibility to have our land geodetically surveyed or have both the lands surveyed? Or is it the responsibility of the neighbor to show us their geodetic land survey report? Our land is the in the Philippines. Where do I go to have this done and what is the possible cost?

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3 Responses to “Our neighbor started building a fence next to our lot. How do I find out if they have the correct measurement?”

  1. Neighbour should have done the right thing and got a copy of the survey and showed it to you so you can both agree about the fence. Since he didn’t you must seek your interest and survey your property.

    Or you can ask him for it, making it sound like you assumed he did the right thing and got it before he started to build.

    I don’t know the how and where. Sorry.

  2. The fence should have been filed since usually you need a permit to build it. Check with the city there should be some sort of survey allready on file.

  3. Quit being a crummy neighbor!!! I cant stand nosey neighbors who want to crontrol everything in the hood. If you dont think its right then come out of your own pocket and get the measurements if you dont want to do that then quit complaining!

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