Picket Fences

In the year of 1992 ,1st September an American drama was started on the illusory community of Wisconsin in Rome where this show loped to the ending year of 1996, 26th July in United States of America on CBS television network, this American drama was developed by a great producer named as David E. Kelly but this show did not get the good feedback from the viewers and could not be able to make its goodwill in between of viewers and was always in fluctuating situation as this show never got the good ratings in town.

This show (Picket Fences) was based on the life cycle of Wisconsin which is a small town in Rome where different and creepy activities crop up such as transgender teachers giving lectures to the students which led to awful impression in their mind, cows an innocent animal giving birth to human babies and group of person found out dead in freezers, these are some activities which showed by David E. Kelly to the outside and tried to give an image of that town to world.

Some other episodes were directed by David E. Kelly was “Rebels with Cause” which was played three-eight episodes and was flaunted in 1994, 11th November and after this again a show was developed and name of that episode was “Small Sacrifices” which was telecasted in 1995, 23rd January and showed as Chicago Hope just like Picket Fences in first episode a person who was doctor named as Dr. Jill Brock who escorted a patient  Douglas Wambaugh went to Chicago Hope Hospital because of his some heart problems but in second episode they telecasted in their show that this person Douglas Wambaugh came back again to took his revenge from all doctors.

Picket Fences deals with different topics such as belief in god, medical ethics, homophobia, polygamy, polyamory, date rape, cryonics, shoe fetishism, masturbation, spontaneous human combustion, abortion, transsexuality, holocaust, constitutional rights and many more subjects which were made and this program took sixty minutes (an hour) to telecast its show and more often religious matters were discussed chronically. Approx eighty-eight episodes with four new seasons launched and made its shows a memorable in the mind of viewers.

This show achieved many awards like Emmy Award, this award was achieved continuously by Picket Fences 14 times and Best Drama Series twice which made this show very popular and finally this show achieved a Golden Globe Award in the lope of 4 years. In Germany, Denmark, Western Europe and France this show made its space so large and sizeable, that today this show is rerun by all in these countries but chiefly played in France on the name of Bienvenue a Rome and it is currently telecasting in air or airing in U.K on Hallmark Channel. The Mayors of this country Wisconsin had an oddest feature that any mayor who was holding a position in any serial was be risky for them because Mayor Rachel Harris was pursuing from office starring an adult picture and all the mayors of that city met with different and strange facts.

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