Privacy Fence

Privacy Fence Guide – Unique Design Ideas for Your Dream Home

A house without a fence looks barren and incomplete. If you want to completely furnish your house, then make sure that you build a fence surrounding your lot. If you are that kind of person who puts premium on privacy, then privacy fences suit you best. Privacy fences are not just chosen by many people for the sense of security and safety they provide but more importantly, they are also chosen for their aesthetic value. Privacy fences are loved by many for the charm it provides to an already attractive home. It complements and highlights the elegance and splendor of a well-planned and designed house.  You no longer have to worry about spending quality time with your family when you have your privacy fence installed.

There are a lot of ways in which you could build your privacy fence. Depending on your preference, you could have wooden fences or chained fences. However, if you are interested with other inexpensive alternatives then you may want to consider fast-growing shrubs and plants for your fence. It is a more practical alternative to woods and chains, but if you go this route, you have to remember that it may take you some time and effort in trimming and maintaining them.

There is a deep array of fence designs that provide you with the leverage in meeting your basic as well as your unique requirements from this home improvement. You can even to choose a privacy fence design which you can actually call your own.  Basically, the design that you can have for your privacy fence will largely depend on the budget range and its viability in as far as blending to other aspects and elements of your home improvement design is concerned. Regardless of the kind of privacy fences you choose for your home, It is important that these structures are able to provide you the safety and security that you need.

The basic tools that you will require when installing privacy fence include tape measure, circular saw, reciprocating saw, awl, concrete, hammer, pry bar and ladder. You have to carefully follow the steps in installing privacy fences right after you decide on the design and type of your privacy fence. The tools that you are going to need for your fencing depend on the design that you chose. In general, the first step in installing a fence is to know exactly the measurement of the border of the land you own. Then you have to estimate how many fences are needed to fill that border.

After finishing all the necessary measurements, you have to start with the digging. Dig holes which are approximately 25 inches deep and 10 inches wide. Then layer the hole with crushed rocks. The next step is to position the fences on the holes and to pour the cement mixture to hold the fences. Your fence should tall six feet or more; this is to ensure the privacy and safety that you are longing for. After doing so, refrain from touching the fences for two days.

Privacy fence may be a daunting task for those working on a tight budget. Depending on the core material you are going to use, the cost of your privacy fence will range from $15 to $20 per foot. However, it is important for you understand that you don’t have to spend big to have a beautiful fence. There are a lot of other designs available where you don’t have to spend a lot. In fact, you can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere within the borders of your home even without shelling out a big sum of money.

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