Why is the Mexican government so concerned about us building a fence on our side of the border?

Foxx called it “the berlin wall” If it is, the mexican side is East Germany- it is up to mexicans to fix mexico. Why won’t mexicans fix mexico rather than mess up the U.S with their crime, destroying our public school classrooms with thier spanish and our hospital emergency rooms with them having babies all [...]

What good will building a fence on the mexican border do?

Its not hard to jump it or dig a hole under it, why are they complaining?
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Building a fence along the American and Mexican boarder?

Do you think that the United states should ask for permission from the Mexican govt to build that fence that Congress is looking into approving to be build at the boarder to keep Mexicans out of USA. Some in Congress think and want permissiopn from mexico……I say Why that we dont need permission if [...]