Doesnt building a fence around our southern border sound like a plot from a B movie?

What a stupid thing for our govt.. which is already spending a crapload of money on picking fights all over the world… to spend money on. I mean I support immigration laws, but this is a waste of money if ever there was one. Like someone is motivated enough to swim a nasty [...]

We are building a fence around our property.How far from the road does it need to be in California?

We are up in the hills and we are told to many different things. How far does it need to be from the road.
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Man gets sentenced to 6 months in jail for building a fence around his house?! What are your thoughts?

A man built a fence around his home without the appropriate permits but when he tried to get the right permits he claims the city dragged it’s feet and wouldn’t issue them. His bail is set at $100,000.
How can Nicole Ritchie and Lindsay Lohan get sentenced to less time in jail after [...]