Building a fence: ideas on estimating cost?

Will need to replace the fence around my (small) property — approximately 140 linear feet. Want a 6′ tall redwood fence with 12″ lattice top. Can anyone suggest a ballpark cost or a link or two for info?

Should I offer to split the cost of building a new fence?

Hello! I moved into my current house 3 years ago. My next door neighbor already had a fence up on one end. Now a new family moved in behind my house few months back. And he put up a fence around his house and that took care of the back. [...]

What would be the cost differance between building your own fence or paying some one?

I have about 100 feet I need to fence with one gate. I dont have any tools and its just me and a friend. We wre quoted $1500 to do it by a contractor. But I was wondering how much cheaper would it be If I did it. I also have about 75 feet old [...]